Working on the Irdest project as an Outreachy Intetn.

I would like to talk about 3 things in this blog post.

What is Outreachy ?
What is Irdest?
What is gonna be the next internet?

What is Outreachy?

Outreachy provides internships in open source and open science. Outreachy provides internships to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation in the technical industry where they are living. Outreachy internships are:
💵 Paid - $7,000 USD total internship stipend
🌍 Remote - both interns and mentors work remotely
🕰 3 months - internships run May to August, or December to March
🌹 outreachy.org

What is Irdest🔬?

"Irdest is Decentralized ad-hoc wireless mesh communication."

🐝 irde.st

What is ad hoc network?
* Decentralized type of wireless network.
* Ad hoc because it does not rely on a pre-existing infrastructure, such as router or Ap access point.
* Each node participates in routing by forwarding data for other nodes.

What is Mesh Networks ?
* A mesh refers to rich interconnection among devices or nodes.
* Mesh infrastructure carries data over large distances by splitting the distance into a series of short hops(nodes).
* Nodes act as router to transmit data from nearby nodes to peers that are too far away to reach in single hop, resulting in a network that can span larger distances.
* Each node needs only transmit as far as next nodes.
* The 66-setelite operates as a mesh network.

I think many people use Wi-Fi mesh network system in home these days, If you need one. Maybe you can try to build your own with irdest(tunnel) 🔮+ raspberry pi + Antenna📡.

What is gonna be the next internet?

👀 I am just imagine without any basis in fact.
I think whether we want or not, we will become a cyborg👄and it will communicate without network packets.(even without language?🙀) I think a cyborg will accept, read and understand electronic signal directly from the chip which is implemented in a human body. As our body communicates from brain to hands with electronic signals through the nerve. Whatever we become a cyborg or not, I don’t think very bureaucratic OSI model will survive. I imagine next internet, network will be a real stream of electronic signal not a network packet which comes one by one.

Tips🐲 for the next outreachy intern for whom had read this post till the end.

* You shouldn’t expect that past participated project will be participate again. secure drop didn’t participate when I applied for the internship. Super sad🍰.
* When you feel you are losing in the contribution period. Don’t panic🎸. It’s just a brutal competition hehe💀. But no NO no, I think it’s very important to not think contribution period as a competition but think of it as an experience of working for an interesting open source project with people that are willing to help you🛼.
* Before the internship start, take a brake🧃. It gets harder.
* Don’t try to be a nice intern. You should be yourself🧲.

Bye, thanks for coming 👻

OoOh chew

🐅 2022-06-13